When is a Building Permit Required in NYC?

The State of New York City has different types of building permits. Building permits are legal documents that permit you to carry out a new building construction or renovation and usually has to be approved by the Department of Building in your state, county, city or town. A building permit has to acquired before any construction work can commence in NYC regardless of whether you’re constructing a new building, renovating or simply making alterations.

In New York City, building permits have to be filed by a licensed Registered Architect (RA) or a Professional Engineer (PE). Among the most frequent asked questions is when is a building permit required in NYC? The answer depends on the local regulations regarding the construction and renovation of a building.

As is common with most states pretty much globally, urban and suburban areas will always require more permits compared to rural areas. Still, it’s important that you confirm with the Department of Building in your state so as not to get into trouble. There are known circumstances that will require you to get a building permit in NYC.

Circumstances that Require Building Permits in NYC

Below are the main circumstances that will require you to get a building permit in the state of New York City:

• New Construction

Whenever you want to construct a new home or any other type of structure, you are required to get a permit for it. This is regardless of whether your property is for residential, commercial or manufacturing purposes. Examples of categories that will require you to get a building permit include building a new house, new commercial building, new mixed-use building, new multifamily buildings among others. Also, there are areas where you will need to get a special building permit for constructing concrete fences and privacy screens.

• Additions

There are times when you need to add new rooms to your already existing home. It could be a new room, a sunroom, patio, decks or porches depending on your local building codes. For additions, you will more than likely apply for an Alteration Type 1 construction permit as the additions will change the use, occupancy and egress of the building. In some instances, enclosing your garage may also be considered an addition as it will increase the heated space of your home.

• Major Renovations

This may include anything from a kitchen renovation to restoring an older home or remodeling of the garage. Most people who do renovations might have bought a home but want to make certain changes. However, the majority of them fail to apply for permits to renovate the home or even deviate from the submitted renovations plans. It’s important that you apply for a permit for any renovation work and stick to the approved plans.

• Structural Changes

This is where there are major or minor alterations to the home that include altering the structure by adding or removing walls or finishing an attic. Demolition is also another instance of structural change. It’s essential to get a permit to guarantee that the structural change will be safe and the alterations will be done satisfactorily.

• Plumbing, Electrical, and Mechanical Work

There is a lot that goes into plumbing as well as electrical and mechanical fixes in the home. Besides getting a building permit, these type of works may require additional permits depending on the area you live in.

When in doubt, consult a licensed construction company in NYC.

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