Roof Safety Preparation for Brooklyn Homes

Without a roof, you don’t have a home. That means that your roofing is very important in protecting your family, valuables among other important documents you may have. That said, for anyone living in Brooklyn, certain roof safety preparation tips should be at the back of your hand at all times especially with the different weather seasons all around the year.

Roof Safety Preparation Tips

• Inspect and Repair Your Roof

Before winter starts or if there are any reports about a storm, ensure that you inspect your roof and repair any damages that you find. If there are any loose shingles, a leaking roof or any structural and siding issues, these need to be fixed before the situation gets worse. Too much pressure on your home’s roof can cause the roof to cave in creating havoc.

• Check your Roof to Prevent Ice Dams

When having a professional roofing company inspect and repair your roof for any damages, ensure that they check for ice dams as well. This is especially necessary after the winter season since heat that escapes your home can melt and refreeze snow and ice on your roof causing ice dams. Ice dams block the drains leading to a continuous build-up of ice on your roof which weakens the roof and puts your home at risk. These can be prevented by sufficiently insulating and ventilating your attic.

• Gutter Cleaning

A gutter that is clear and clean will help in draining water away from your home’s roof. If, however, you have clogged gutters – especially during cold months and winter – they can easily freeze and lead to additional blockages. The risk with blocked gutters is that they easily allow melting snow and ice to trickle into your roof causing damage. It is important that you take some time before winter and clean your gutters from any leaves or materials that may be blocking the gutter. If you have no clue where to start from, call Roofing Brooklyn and have them do a professional job in cleaning your gutters.

• Invest in a Roof Rakes

Research has shown that a typical roof can only handle snow of up to four feet before if becomes stressed. That means that continuous snowfalls can lead to the collapse of your roof. Following weather reports to know how much it will snow each season is important and you should, therefore, invest in a rake for your roof. A roof rake can easily enable you clear snow from your rooftop hence protecting your home.

• Prune Trees around Your Home

Strong winds and bad weather can cause limbs and branches to fall. If the trees are close to your home and the limbs hang directly on your home’s roof, the aftermath can be disastrous. In order to keep your home safe, ensure that any branches hanging near your roof, gutters or house are pruned before the beginning of the cold weather. Taking time to have them pruned can save you thousands of dollars that you could invest in other things.

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